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Don Glatz once had a desire to date his future wife, Barbara, but she didn't initially agree to it. Undeterred, Don decided to try a different approach and asked Barbara if she would like to learn the art of making knives. To his delight, she agreed, and ever since then, these two (then) teenagers haven't been apart.

Now, residing in the charming town of Sevierville, Tennessee, nestled in the foothills of the great Smoky Mountains, Don and Barbara Glatz have become accomplished knife makers. In their small country town, Don takes on the role of designing all the knives and skillfully hand-forges the Damascus blades, while Barbara lends her artistic touch in creating the handles. Barbara's unwavering commitment to perfection makes her the number one inspector of their creations, and once she gives her approval, Don meticulously confirms that everything is just right.

Together, their dedication and talent have earned them an impressive record of 8 first-place national championships. The secret to their success as knife makers lies in their deep love for crafting beautiful knives. They believe that even their sturdiest work knives can be imbued with a sense of beauty.

Their collaborative efforts led them to create a secret recipe for making their own Damascus metal. This exceptional metal remains shiny and razor-sharp, despite being costly to produce. However, Don and Barbara take immense pride in their knives, believing that the effort and cost are entirely worth it. A vital component of their recipe is the use of high-grade nickel, which ensures the blades maintain an extraordinary level of sharpness.

In summary, Don and Barbara's love story began with their shared passion for knife-making, and this passion has only grown stronger over time. Together, they have become renowned for their ability to create beautiful and high-quality knives, each piece crafted with unwavering dedication and artistry.

Back in 1969, Barbara and Don sat down at their kitchen table to discuss the business plan for Glatz Knives. There are typically two ways to approach a business plan. The first involves determining the desired knife price upfront and then finding the materials that fit within that price range. However, our approach was different. We aimed to create the most perfect knife possible and then calculated our costs, adding a small profit while reducing overhead to arrive at the final price for our knife. Surprisingly, our dedication to excellence resulted in building the most perfect knife on the market for a lower cost.

Most knife makers typically fold their blades 2 to 3 times, while a skilled knife maker might go up to 4 folds. However, at Glatz, we take great pride in our craftsmanship, going above and beyond by folding our blades an impressive 61 times. The reason for this meticulous process lies in the fact that even with first-quality, brand-new metal, there can still be impurities present. Each folding step allows us to identify and eliminate any imperfections, ensuring that our knives maintain exceptional strength and durability. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and weak knife blades are simply not acceptable for our products.

Following our business plan, we decided to provide the best guarantee on any product sold worldwide - a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our confidence in folding our blades 61 times, ensuring their unparalleled strength, led us to believe that our cost of guarantee would be minimal. Additionally, we factored in that our customers would take pride in their Glatz knives and protect them from loss or theft. Therefore, our guarantee covers repairing or replacing our knives free of charge, even if they are lost or stolen. Our ultimate goal is to make our customers happy with their decision to choose Glatz Knives for a lifetime purchase. Our plan benefits both you and us, as we continue to innovate and improve our knives without worrying about manufacturing costs. At Glatz, we've even developed the best Damascus metal in the world, keeping the recipe a closely guarded secret to maintain a leading edge in the market. Remember, GLATZ KNIVES offers the best knife you can find anywhere, backed by the best guarantee available, all at an affordable cost.

Glatz offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This covers:

  • Defects
  • Breakage
  • Excessive wear
  • Discoloration
  • Disatisfaction
  • Loss*
  • Theft*

* When registered and within reasonable limits.

For a warranty claim, email us at: Warrantee@glatzknives.com

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